Old Goa is also referred to as Velha Goa. Old Goa is known widely for being steeped in grave historical significance. This portion of Goa comprises historic association with the rich culture and heritage of our country. Old Goa is located in the Northern part of the state and was originally built by the Bijapur Sultanate. The original period of its establishment dates back to the 15th century. Old Goa was extremely popular even in yesteryears and it was the chosen capital of the Portuguese India for more than 200 years. The rule extended from the time they started their occupancy in this part of India in the 16th century till the end of the 18th century. The region of Old Goa remained in its golden phase till the tragic plague struck back then and what remained of Old Goa is now in ruins. However, even the ruins have great historical value and help historians to sew together a lot of historical evidences to decipher the happenings of the past. This site is also considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Even the name of Old Goa came into vogue in the year 1960s. Enjoy the simple rural life that the people of this region live. The city of Old Goa had actually gained prominence and rose to glory during the Portuguese occupation of the region. Their arrival, dominance and departure lend this city gained tremendous popularity. The beauty and richness that exudes out of this ancient city gives it a semblance of Amsterdam as ascribed by a Dutch visitor. Old Goa is located approximately 9 kilometres from the eastern end of Panaji, the capital of Goa. The main attraction and allure of Old Goa arises out of the churches, convents, monuments, forts providing an ambience replete with peace and harmony.

Old Goa is a favourite haunt of the tourists because of the wide range of activities that it has to offer to its tourists. There is a charming and vibrant nightlife that is predominant in Old Goa. It offers to tourists and locals that soothing solace that fills the visitors’ hearts with peace and joy and a subtle getaway from the humdrum of a busy city life. Let’s look at some of the activities that Old Goa has to offer to its tourists.

Cycling Tour of Old Goa

Lost City in Old Goa bring back the nostalgia and memories of the hidden underground ways spelling the secrets of the ancient time stages since the dynastical rule of the Portuguese governance in Goa. Old Goa is replete with the aura of rich history of bygone times. The remnants decree the preaching of all the past events. Tourists and travellers also get amply fascinated by the grandeur of the architectural masterpieces that add to the glory of this tourist destination. As you cycle at ease through the Lost City, discover the charm of the ancient city. Explore the various interesting monuments that are to the culturally and historically significant. The location is delightful. The service of the experienced and friendly guide shall make it more wholesome. Enjoy the delicious snacks and refreshments that adds to the tour attraction. The tour has to offer some high-grade bikes along with all safety gears such as helmet and elbow and knee pads to make your trip safe.

Backwater Kayaking at Chorao in Goa

During this Old Goa revelation trip, the journey starts from the village of Penha de Franca and you kayak through the calm ocean waters towards the Chorao Bird Sanctuary. You crisscross several acres of wetland and dark deep mangrove forests that is full of exotic water birds. Kayak along through the narrow channels to discover the mysterious and shady alcoves of the sanctuary and get magnificent views of the different mangrove species, birds and crabs. Along the route, also float past a village church and a scenic marina dotted with anchored speedboats.

Dolphin Sighting And Snorkelling At Grande Island In Goa

This Old Goa exploration trip will take you to an exciting snorkelling and dolphin sighting adventure. Get picked up from the Miramar Beach and set your boat sail to Grand Island to enjoy the beauty of the majestic Fort Aguada from the sea. Dive into the sea for snorkelling to watch the diverse marine life in their natural settings. Enjoy the views and the fresh sea breeze as you float in your boat with drinks and snacks and idly sunbathe to enjoy a full-fledged vacation.

Paint Ball Excursion at Nuvem in Goa

The adrenalin junkies have the option of embarking on an enthralling adventure and indulge in an entertaining and exciting game of paintball along with your friends or family. Enjoy the fun and thrill with your game in Nuvem, Goa. Test your game planning skills and coordination with your team members in this adventure activity. Dodge the pellets and play to win.

Crocodile Sightseeing and Bird Watching Half Day Tour in Goa

The back water cruise along the Zuari River in a giant canoe has an inexplicable charm. Get picked up from your hotel at Baga, Calanguate or Candolim at around 8:30 am in the morning for this rejuvenating and lazy journey. This expedition reveals the best and the most exotic face of Goa’s wildlife. Stay thrilled spotting the Indian Mugger Crocodile sunbathing in ecstasy. Also, see some very Goa’s most exotic bird species and catch the village scenery of the fishermen preparing for the evening catch. As you cruise past the Cumbarjua Canal near Panaji that connects the Zuari and Mandovi rivers watch fascinated the open-mouthed muddy crocs basking under the sunlight. This trip is sure to give you some memories of a lifetime.

Sunny Island Trip at Goa

The delightful day trip to the Grand Island and the amazing excursion forth to the pristine blue waters to snorkel and swim with the playful dolphins is a memorable and fun trip. Get picked up at around 08:00 am from various locations such as Candolim, Sinquerim, Calangute and Baga and get transferred to the Grand Island straightaway. Close to the island, the boat gets anchored while the guests are free to dive into the blue waters for a fun-filled swimming and snorkelling adventure under expert guidance. Watch in fascination the underwater world and also feel the thrill of swimming alongside the dolphins. After the water adventure, proceed to the pristine and secluded Monkey Beach for a sumptuous barbecue lunch. The trip also offers exclusive views of stunning Aguada Fort, Jimmy’s Palace, Central Jail and Raj Bhawan. Trip comes to a stop at the Sequerim jetty from where you get dropped back at your hotel.

Backwater Kayaking and Crocodile Challenge in Goa

This is a super adventurous tour offering you the excitement of Kayaking through the backwaters combined with leisurely crocodile watching in their natural habitat. Kayaking through the shadowy, sun-sprinkled backwaters against the currents reach up the lazy River Mandovi at low tide to see the magnificent fierce-looking creatures sunning themselves on the mudflats on the river banks along the mangroves.

Amboli Jungle Trek

Amboli Jungle Trek provides ample opportunity to enjoy open nature. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and do some interesting photography to your heart’s content. It is a paradise for trekkers lost in exploring the unexplored. Witness the amazing gorgeous and breath-taking Nangartas WaterFall, Hiranyakeshi Temple, Kavleshet Valley and The Great Amboli Waterfall to have a complete beauty and adventure packed tour.