Three King’s Church or the Reis Magos Church

The Reis Magos Church is situated in North Goa 7 kilometres away for Panaji main Bus Stand. This Church also called the Church of the Three Magi Kings and it was built in the year 1555. This church was built by the Franciscan friars in Reis Magos. This church is definitely counted as one of the oldest churches of Goa. Reis Magos Church is dedicated to Saint Jerome. Hindus believe that this church was built on the ruins of an ancient Hindu temple. Strangely, to fortify this believe two Hindu symbols in the form of bas-relief lion figures from Vijayanagar temple architecture are seen adorning the sides on the steps leading to the Church. The Church underwent renovation in the year 1771 and the pillars of the church were carved in 1764. The church premises also present the gravestones of two Viceroys of Goa.

Reis Magos Church was the first church to be built in Bardez district. The exteriors of the Church is painted white and the inner walls are adorned with bright and magnificent designs. The multi-coloured wood relief showcasing the Three Wise Men offering gifts to baby Jesus forms an exquisite design. The intricate canopy painting behind the altar spells magnificence to already lavish church interiors. The superior height of the altar adds to the charm of the prayer hall. There is also small shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Hope beside the stairs. The church corridor accommodates the burial of a great Portuguese Viceroy, Dom Luis de Ataide.