Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding

Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding requires less of expertise and balancing compared to water skiing. There are a lot of pros of wakeboarding or kneeboarding who come to Goa to practice and enjoy and master the art of this water sport. This adventure activity is gaining more and more popularity with the passing years among the water sports enthusiasts. Wakeboarding involves the use of a single board rather than two. This sport is joyous and is available in most of the Goa beaches. Kneeboarding falls under similar category as wakeboarding, but instead of standing on the board as in wakeboarding, you balance yourself on your keens in kneeboarding. These activities need a bit of practice and mastery of style. They are conducted under the aegis of expert trainers. These activities are also considered as nacsent stages to take part in more advanced water sports. Some popular Wakeboarding and Kneeboarding venues of Goa can be identified as the beaches of Mobor, Rajbaga and Candolim. Wakeboarding was initiated around 30 years back as a popular water sport that is a mixture of all three — water skiing and surfing and snowboarding. In wakeboarding, the technique is to fasten the rider to a board that is towed by a motorboat at a speeds of about 15 kilometres per hour.