Best time to visit Goa

Goa is a beach paradise and can be visited all through the year. But is case tourists are looking for the best time to visit Goa, it can be identified as from mid-November to mid-February. This is the time when the city with its rich and deep association with the colonial culture and ways of life, prepares for the gala year end parties. The winters make the best time with the mild sunshine pouring on the sands and getting reflected on the beautiful blue waters and creating the magic of resplendent beauty. A lot of events such as beach parties, beach candlelight dinners, live Goanese music and dance performances are arranged all across Goa which prove to be great crowd pullers.

Summer Season of Goa (March – June)

Summer months of Goa can be identified as the months between March and June. Summers are best avoided for a sea sojourn to Goa. Summer might not be the ideal time to visit the beach paradise since these months can be really hot. Even though the sight and sounds of the sea might be alluring to escape heat in the rest of the Indian plains it might be hot even in Goa as the beach sands get hot and the glare of the sun light that gets reflected from the sea might not be comfortable. Travellers plan Goa in the summer months mostly because then it is considered off-season and the hotels and resorts offer very good deals on food and stay. The packages during this time are available at much cheaper prices to attract more and more tourists. It also has the added advantage of not being crowded and relaxation is guaranteed.

Monsoon months in Goa (July – September)

The monsoon months in Goa can be identified as starting from July and continuing till September. The weather is general stays very hot and humid with lots of rainfall and therefore monsoons in Goa are definitely not the ideal time to visit. But at the same time, you can take advantage of the great deals of the off-shoulder tourist season and avail some packages at lesser prices. The waterfalls such as Dudhsagar Falls come to reach their glory and can be seen at its best form.

Winter months in Goa (November – February)

October onwards rain clouds start fading away and pleasant season, and thus the peak tourist season of Goa, begins. As the temperatures dip to a pleasant and bearable limit, more and more tourists target Goa as a vacation destination. Also holidays, festival season, Christmas and New Year fervour sets in giving people all the more reason to travel to this exotic destination. Goa winters start from November onwards. Due to the coastal influence winters in Goa are never chilly. Minimum temperatures in the winter months till February hover around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius.

Goa never experiences the extremes of climate and has the gift of mild tropical flavour. Thus it can be visited almost all through the year. Each season unfolds a newer dimension of beauty. Monsoon brings out the freshness and moist fragrance of earth as with each shower it leaves the greenery even more silky and verdant. Summer gives plenty of sunshine to bask in its glory and enjoy the water sports and other activities. Keep yourself lucidly drenched in the pools and sip your cool drinks with a view of the sand, sea and salt. Monsoons leave the waterfall intense and create an enchanting and spectacular beauty at the sites where they pour. Winters are the best and you see tourists getting crazily attracted to destination Goa vacation.