Shri Mangueshi Temple

Reis Mogos Fort is situated at a distance of 7 kilometres from main bus stop of Goa located at Panjim, the Kadamba Bus Stand. It is 34 kilometres from Vasco Da Gama Railway Station. Reis Magos Fort is situated on the northern banks of the graceful River Mandovi in North Goa. Reis Mogos Fort is one of the primary tourist destinations and a major heritage site of Goa.

This Fort was built in the year 1551 by the Portuguese Viceroy Alfonso de Noronha. Similar to the role of most forts, Reis Mogos Fort also played a crucial role in defending the port city of Goa from the attacks of the Marathas in the year 1739. If we go back to the history of Reis Mogos Fort, it is revealed that it was originally constructed as an armed outpost by Adil Shah in the year 1400 but then it got destroyed in the year 1500. Initially, for the Portuguese army, this fort served as a hideout for the Portuguese viceroys and noble men from Lisbon. But when they realized the importance of its strategic location, they started using it for warding off armies.

The size of this Fort is small compared to other major forts of Goa. This fortress was briefly seized by the British army between the year 1798 and 1813. Later on after getting abandoned by the British military, the fort served as a prison till the year 1993. Currently, the Fort is under restoration mode being carried out by the archaeological survey of India. The Fort offer scenic views of the beautiful River Mandovi. It has a fresh water spring supplying water within the Fort. It has been carefully preserved till date.