White Water River Rafting and Boat Cruise at Mandovi River

Mandovi or Mhadei river cruise offer ultimate thrill to adventure lovers. The river flows past the Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and is one of the most scenic rivers of India. Goa Tourism Development Corporation has introduced the exciting white water river rafting facilities along this section of the river. The natural beauty of the thrill of the activity attracts tourists from all across India and abroad to this location. The swift down flowing currents of the river adds to the rafting through the white, frothy river waters. The boats brave the small and big rapids to reach the end point. Instructions are given to the rafters before the journey starts. Also there would an ace rafter and instructor on the boat who is going to lead the expedition. White water rafting is an internationally acclaimed and one of the most preferred water sports among global tourists and travellers. The sport excites a large number of enthusiasts. You shall be provided safety equipment and life jackets that is essential and given in the norms of this 10-kilometre adventure trip.

For travellers who are not up to the mark to take the intense challenge of the thrilling white water rafting, there is the option of the luxury cruises that operate on the Mandovi River during evening time. The sunset hours are the best to catch some excitement and stunning views of the beautiful river as you watch the sun dipping into the golden bowl. Santa Monica and Shantadurga ships are the most famous options for cruising. Scintillating live shows and performances are presented on the cruise ships that keep you enchanted. One can experiences the folk culture, dance and music along with its Portuguese influences through these shows.