ATV Biking

ATV or the all-terrain vehicle biking adventure involves riding or racing on four-wheeled bikes that are extremely powerful, sturdy enough to manoeuvre on different kinds of terrains and used as an effective tool to push your adventure spirits to new heights. These ATV biking tracks are generally through the jungles and spice plantations of Goa that has rocky surfaces and undulating slopes and turns your ride into an ultimate thrill and excitement. The biking trips take you through unchartered grounds and you can be really close to nature absorbing the calm and serene natural beauty around you. You will be able to hear only the purring of your vehicle other than the sights and sounds of nature.

In case you are a first-timer and do not have enough confidence, you can also attempt the plain tracks that are filled with artificial obstacles which make the bike ride very adventurous. The tracks get muddy and slushy during the monsoons and rivulets form which makes ATV adventure even more thrilling and gets to be more popular during rainy season with experienced bikers. ATV ride or Quad Biking, as it is very often referred to is perfect for catching up some pure fun while travelling in friends groups or even during family trips. Adventures Goa located in the Ponda district has tracks spread over an area of 5 acres having tracks that differ in difficulty levels to cater to a wider class adventurists. Another popular operators for ATV biking is the Rider’s Club in Anjuna that offers both natural and man-made tracks of length 1 kilometre each.