Kayaking is more of a relaxing water activity rather than being exciting or speed game. As you kayak in single or double basis on the water of the shady coves and along the mangroves of Goa, you feel the beauty of nature, fresh air and the thrill of being out into the open seas in your small, frivolous looking kayak at the mercy of the great ocean. Kayaking expeditions are usually conducted in groups and taken through mazes and haunts of dark deep mangrove forests where you time and again get thrilled with various sounds coming from around you, including from beneath the surface of the ocean. Kayaking is not at all strenuous and never too challenging. As you gently paddle your way through the thickets, backwaters and rivulets of beautiful Goa enjoying its scenic beauty, palm lined fringes and scenes from the daily life of small, quaint sleepy Goan fishermen villages, you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. More thrilling options in the form of adventurous kayak races, colourful kayak festivals, picnics and moonlight kayaking are offered by various clubs in Goa. Kayaking is more popular among the South Goa beaches and is best enjoyed in the seasons between the months of October to May when the sea is generally calm, the water currents are moderate and the weather is pleasant. Palolem Beach, Dona Paula jetty, Hollant Beach, Nerul river, backwaters of Zuari, Sal and Mandovi are some popular haunts among tourists and travellers to enjoy kayaking expeditions.