High-Speed Water Scooters

Water Scooters are deadly tools of fun and adventure on seas in Goa. Water scooter rides are extremely popular among tourists who come to spend beach vacation in Goa from all corners of the world. Water scooters are a safe but thrilling option for people who want to play safe. As the scooters zips past the ocean waters at very high speeds, you feel the adrenalin rush. The salty air whizzing past and the jumps and leaps across the wavy waters thrills you beyond imagination. Water scooters are tremendously popular among children and young adults. They can safely experience this water sports even without any expertise. This water activity is a brilliant combination of speed and thrill. Water scooter rides can be easily available at most of the beaches of Goa. Try water scooter rides at the beaches of Dona Paula Jetty, Cidade de Goa, Majorda and Candolim. For children, there are experiences riders who hold on to the scooters manoeuvring as it scooter climbs speed. Catch up with some exclusive moments of thrilling speed rides splashing white water spray and leave a trail of froth on the ocean surface behind you. The boats veer at high speed sending waves of thrill through the riders.