Goa Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Scuba Diving and snorkelling are rare underwater experiences that will leave you totally exhilarated and is indeed one of a kind of experience. The sublime experience of an interesting tryst with the enigmatic marine creatures transport the divers to an enchanting world of fantasy. While these activities do not require you to know swimming, at the same time you need to be physically up to the mark and fearless about entering the depth of oceans. Snorkelling is a surface experience while scuba diving takes you some several metres below the surface of ocean into the mystic darkness of the ocean world.

As your eager eyes scour through the colourful coral reefs, wrecks and ruins of ageless sunken ships and the sea bed thriving with variegated flora and fauna, you feel infinitely thrilled. The adrenalin pumping scuba diving is undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Goa offers you an absolutely spell-binding experience of viewing marine life from very close at hand. Goa provides scuba diving under the aegis of the best of instructors and the activities are all conducted with proper gears with the help of approved and world-class safety equipment. For scuba diving, you shall be acclimatised to the scenario and then proceeded on for the actual dive that takes you till about 12 meters down into the sea. For snorkelling too, you are provided and fitted with gear and thoroughly instructed before actually you are left to snorkel on your own. Both the water activities are discontinued during monsoon or heavy rains or when the sea waters are rough. They might also be discontinued in case of strong winds or unpleasant weather conditions. Some of the world-class diving sites in Goa can be identified as Grande Island, Agatti Island, Pigeon Island, Suzy’s Wreck, Turbo Tunnel, Sail Rock and Davy Jones Locker and the sites near Malyan and Venugurla, not too far from Panjim.