Things to do in Goa

Visit the beaches of Goa

Goa offers bewitching beaches. The beaches of Goa attract loads of tourists from across the globe and are really for enjoying and spending some relaxing moments with your loved ones. Some of the best beaches of Goa that are worth a visit can be identified as follows:

Anjuna Beach

This beach has its full quota of restaurants and bars. It is also famed for hosting trance parties frequently during the tourist season during the months of October to April. This beach houses the famous flea market on every Wednesdays and Saturdays that sell a wide variety of products from all across India, right from fruits to jewellery, clothes, and even banned products such as hashish.

Colva Beach

This beach is the most easily accessible beachfrom Margao, located south of Vasco da Gama. This beach is famous for having one of the longest stretches of beautiful sand. It is mostly thronged by Indian tourists and known for its beauty, food, pubs and bars. It is also boasts of the rich remnants of Portuguese culture with its various elegant colonial buildings demonstrating richness of history and architecture.

Chapora Beach:

This beach flanks the quaint coastal village at Chapora River estuary in North Goa. This beach is accessible from Mapusa, a major City of North Goa. This beach is also situated close to the Chapora Fort, which is an ancient Portuguese fort that attracts a lot of curious tourists and travellers.

Baga Beach:

This beach is absolutely one of the most popular beaches of Goa. It is located near another popular beach the Calangute Beach. Baga Beach, 30 Km North of Panaji has been named after the ‘Baga creek’ and meets the Arabian Sea. Baga beach offers beautiful sunsets and lots of opportunity to enjoy the cool morning breeze. It is also popular for its buzzing nightlife, one of the primary attractions of Goa.

Dias Beach:

This beach is located around 3 km away from Panaji and is a perfect place to enjoy cool evening walks while gazing at the majestic architectural masterpiece, the Aguada Fort. Dias Beach offers enticing view of the Aguada Fort and houses several beach shacks offering mouth-watering local cuisines. This clean and prim beach is a perfect family getaway.

Benaulim Beach

This beach is perfect for a lazy stroll across its warm sands and blue waters lapping the coastline. It is also perfect to grab a beer and chill out in one of the restaurants offering pure Goanese delicacies that are amazing to taste. It is one of the quieter beaches of Goa.

Arambol Beach

This beach is very beautiful and absolutely serene and is ranked among the best beaches of North Goa. It is somewhat unexploited by the tourist population and thus offers total calmness and serenity to travellers who seek solitude. People say it has a Bohemian touch and feel to it that makes it stand apart from the rest of the beaches. It has the remnants of Portuguese foot prints, taste of Konkani sea food, allure of cashew fenny and buzz of foreign tourists.

Patnem Beach

This beach is smaller in stretch and is much less crowded and thus quieter than its counterpart to the north, the Palolem Beach. The beach sports relaxed beach shacks offer lively seafood platters. It is remarkably beautiful at sunset. You shall be spoilt for choices for food and drink options ranging from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Dig at fresh fish and sip in flavoured cocktails anytime of the day. This south Goa beach has a lively ambience and is thus a favourite haunt to tourists visiting Goa with families. It can be a good beach for sunbathing or taking a short Yoga course in one of the beach schools. The Beach cottage hotels are also immensely popular among the tourists.

Majorda Beach

This beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa that stretches for at least 25 km. The sandy beach is kissed by the sun-warm waters of the Arabian Sea. The tourists enjoy the bites and drinks at the several beach shacks at the northern side of the beach and also can avail the exciting water sports activities. This beach is calm and thus frequented by the sun and sea seekers.

Cavelosim Beach

This very beautiful beach is located somewhere between Arabian Sea and Sal River. This beach presents a picturesque backdrop with paddy fields and is a pleasant sight to look at. Also this beach presents a beautiful contrast of black lava rocks interspersed with soft white sands. This beach has been ranked as the 19th most beautiful beach in Asia by Tripadvisor in 2016 and 5th most outstanding beach in India.

Miramar Beach: This beach is close to the Goan capital of Panjim or Panaji and due to its strategic location it is the most frequented beach of Goa. This beach was originally named Porta de Gaspar Dias by the Portuguese and popularly believed that it resembles the Chowpatty beach of Mumbai. This beach provides absolute solitude and privacy and is ideal for romantic couples catching up some time with each other. The sandy beach extends for almost 2 km in length and offers lovely views of the open seas spread in front and the majestic Aguada Fort.

Vagator Beach

This beach is beside the famous Anjuna Beach. Vagator Beach has two beaches connected by a headland that is sprinkled with attractive stalls or beach shacks that sell trinkets, clothes, soft drinks and snacks. The connecting beach is named Ozran Beach and is more popularly called Little Vagator. This beach has a sleepy laid back ambience and is thronged by backpackers and domestic Indian tourists who enjoy watching sunset from the rocks.

Ashwem Beach

This North Goa beach offers some stunning views and is lined by a range of cool beach hotels and resorts. This beach is famous for sunbathing and swimming. It is a good choice for booking accommodation and offers good dining options. A short distance away from this beach there are forests and proper Goan villages.  It is flanked by Morjim beach and Mandrem beach on its both sides. Ashwem has Chapora River in its south and is located 30 kilometres from Panaji. It is known for being one of the cleanest and most well-maintained beaches in Goa. It is never too crowded and stretches for 1.5 kilometres with palm trees and gentle waves.

Butterfly Beach

This beach is a small pretty one located in South Goaand lies close to the Palolem Beach. It is in the form of a small cove and is surrounded by trees and is popular with nature lovers. It has acquired its name from the fact that butterflies of many different varieties are found among the dense vegetation surrounding the beach. It is located approximately 37 kms from Margao and is extremely picturesque.

Varca Beach

This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa and is very clean containing white sands. It is picturesque and offers brilliant views where the sky meets the sea.

Karwar Beach

This beach is at the Goa-Karnataka border. It is commonly called Rabindranath Tagore Beach. It is one of the very famous beaches of India. The beach looks like a small island bordered by Arabian Sea at one side and Western Ghats on the other.

Agonda Beach

This beach is ideal for sunbathing, relaxing and sea viewing. It is a quiet beach with not many tourists and is a long stretch.  Agonda is a nice long pristine stretch of beach. It is a wide, quiet and picturesque beach and also has the turtle centre that is committed to protecting precious Olive Ridley eggs. The rough surf of the ocean waters makes it a bit dangerous for swimming. But it is good beach to take leisurely and long walks at sunrise and sunset. It forms an ideal romantic escapade.

Goa Waterfalls

The few waterfalls that Goa possess are all worthy of viewing and offers picturesque settings. They swell in monsoons and are good to watch in the rainy season thus.

  • Harvalem Waterfall is superbly majestic and offers multi-tiered viewing to the tourists and is especially grand to watch during the monsoons when the volume of water tumbling down increases manifold.
  • Dudhsagar Falls: This waterfall is 600 metres high and is situated on the famous Mandovi River. It can be described as a three-streamed waterfall. As the name imparts, it has milky waters and has a joyful swimming area and is naturally beautiful because of the dense surrounding forests.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary was established in Canacona Taluka of South Goa district in 1968.
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Ponda Taluka of north-eastern Goa. It is spread across a total area of 8 square km. It is frequented by hordes of tourists all round the year.

Visit the other famous tourist attractions of Goa

  • Visit the famous Deltin Royale Lively offshore casino that offers various interesting games and chance to compete in tournaments. It is a veritable source of live entertainment and offers fine dining.
  • Aravelam Caves are small artificial or man-made ancient laterite caves that are actually temples hailing from the ancient historic era. These interesting cave dwellings dates back to the 6th century and are believed to have been carved out of rock.
  • Fort Aguada: This majestic fortress had been constructed in the 17th-century. It has a lighthouse that offers ocean views and was erected in 1864.
  • The Museum of Christian Art is unique and is famous all over Asia. It is located in the former colonial capital of Old Goa. It is one of the major heritage monuments located in the region and was set up in 1994.
  • Goa Science Centre located on New Marine Highway, Miramar, Panjim is an ideal place for family activity and curious kids. Here you can learn a lot about the concepts of science. Visit the Planetarium with an outdoor park, try your hands on various interactive displays, watch 3D movies, Science Film shows, Taramandal Show, etc.
  • Big Foot Goa Offbeat museum exhibits an interesting collection of more than 1,400 Christian crosses of various sizes and material. Enjoy the place full of statues, recreated settings and audio recordings that unfold the charm of Old Goa. Watch how Fenny is prepared traditionally and how the huts and pottery are carved and built. Learn about the simple ways of rustic life of Goa and have an informative Goa sojourn.

Adventure and Trill in Goa

Adventure activities that can set your heart rolling are to be found at various places in Goa. Mobor Beach in Goa is a very good option to enjoy water sports and you can get set go for a Jet Ski ride, a topsy-turvy Banana Boat ride and Ringo ride.

Also enjoy the unlimited fun of windsurfing, Dinghy Sailing, Water Skiing, Parasailing, Water Scooter Rides, Scuba Diving, Boating, Cruising, Dolphin Watching, Angling and various other activities in Goa.

Go for a lazy swim or simply lie down without moving a single muscle and get brown and tanned. The warm waters the white surfs are a pleasure to play with. Sip your cool drinks as you laze around or catch up with your favourite book and beer

Experience the infinitely contrasted mixed sense of calmness and thrill with a bout of Kayaking on the Mobor Beach with the peaceful and tranquil waters catching up with your oars.

Party Cruise in Panjim is a great option to have some loud music, drinks and dance. Watch the traditional Goanese people perform enthralling live dance and musical shows. Go crazy with the music and let your hair down and enjoy the heat of the moment. Such laid back ambience you would find only in Goa and so be sure to experience it.

Dinghy Sailing is for a leisurely adventure trip across the tranquil waters of the ocean. The dinghies are usually 15 feet long and carry three to four people at a time. It is suitable even for first timers as the trainers offer a basic session on how to manoeuvre a dinghy. Dona Paula Bay is known to have guided Dinghy rides under expert trainers. Dona Paula Bay is also known for windsurfing in its calm waters with pleasant cool breeze. The Bay forms a water area similar to a lake where the breeze is gentle in the morning and gets stronger towards noon.

Interesting Activities in Goa

Camping with Temple Waterfall

The camping experience at the Temple Waterfall in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary is exciting. You get to see amazing places and all the hidden treasures of Goa. This picturesque path through the hinterlands of Goa is a famous trail and leads to one of the famous waterfalls in Goa. The location of Bhagwan Mahavir Wild Life Sanctuary is serene among the jungles of the Western Ghats. The place comes alive especially during the monsoons. You shall be able to reach the jungles after a two-hour drive. The difficulty level of the trek is not much and is hence quite fun. After reaching the waterfall site, camping can arranged if you go trekking through professional tour operators. Campfires are lit in the evenings and entertainment activities are arranged around the campfire. Various group activities along with freshly cooked delicious food and fun are arranged.

During the camping spree, a visit to the beautiful Mahadev Temple is also an added attraction. The temple has legendary mythical association which states that this temple was carved out of a single piece of huge boulder. Thus, this expedition involves a lot of trekking accompanied by historical learning about the ancient associations, interesting facts about the flora and fauna and enjoyment of natural beauty of the surroundings. The camping experience with Temple Waterfall is thus truly informative, entertaining thrilling and educative one. It is advisable that you wear light cotton comfortable clothes during the trek. Full-sleeve T-shirt is useful in case you want to avoid sun tanning. Wear sneakers and sports shoes for trek. Sun screen lotions, sunglasses, water bottles, dry fruits and chocolates or light dry snacks for munching comes in handy.

Flying Elephant Zip Lining in Goa across the thick dense forest cover

Goa offers various kinds of enticing adventure activities to indulge in. The best known thrilling activities of Goa are associated with beaches and seas. But among the other kinds of land activities there is the chance to experience the famous ‘Flying Elephant ’ Activity. The zip lining activity is conducted in Goa across one of the most enthralling locations of Goa. The surroundings are extremely picturesque. It is also the longest zip lining course in Goa. There are other various activities clubbed with the zip lining to provide a complete experience. As you leap and fly across trees and thick jungles and the dense green undergrowth of Goa, you feel the fresh cool breeze and this makes the experience exhilarating. Energetic and enthusiastic participants indulge in a lot of other activities such as Rope course, Burma Bridge. The complete experience with thirteen different activities to indulge in is a bit hectic but nevertheless fun schedule. You would be under the supervision of trained guides who would make your experience absolutely tension free, hassle free and enjoyable.

Dolphin spotting and swimming with dolphin

The exciting wild dolphin spotting and swimming with dolphin in Goa can be done in the various island trips and is a very popular tourist attraction. The lovely playful creatures swim very close and allows lot of fun moments. This calls for a super fun-filled and relaxing dolphin safari in the Arabian sea. The two most common species of dolphins to be spotted are the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and Finless Porpoises. Watch them in their playful indulgence in the wilderness or their natural habitat and frolicking in the Arabian sea to attract maximum attention. Go through this unique experience and special moment with your friends and family.

The Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins are known to be predominantly coastal and are to be found in tropical and subtropical waters of South and South East Asia. These grey coloured dolphin species with pink patches are absolutely adorable. They are also fondly known as humpback dolphins because of the hump behind their dorsal fin and are very social and friendly. The Finless Porpoises are black or somewhat grey in colour and named so because they have no dorsal fins. This species are less friendly and swim very fast and never rise out of the water surface too high hence difficult to catch on camera.

A 45-minute dolphin safari is also clubbed with a look at the light house, Aguada Fort and the Millionaire’s Palace along the coastal belt. So if you have had enough fun feasting your eyes on the antics of dolphins in and out of water you may now get floored with these sheer delightful man-made structures.

Spice Plantation tour at Ponda

Spice plantation tour at Ponda has an inclusive buffet spread and is a guided tour where you can get to know about the various spices, the life cycle of the trees and the medicinal value and myriad usage of each spice. For our entire lives we have been using such a wide variety of spice for all our cooking needs, thus it is exciting to get to know about them see them in their natural habitat. The tour to a certain point gets somewhat educational where the guide speaks elaborately on the benefits of using each spice. As soon as you enter the plantation, you are given a royal welcome with a fresh fragrant garland and a cup of jasmine tea. You will also get to know the processing method of each spice and if you know the time and effort in carrying out the processing, you will understand why the spices are as expensive as they are in the market. For example, the case of vanilla extraction says that the vanilla needs to be artificially pollinated and then once the pod ripens it needs to be plucked within a day because it rots after that. The beans take a long time of four to five months to dry and a huge amount of vanilla beans of around 100 grams will produce just 1 litre of vanilla extract. No doubt, vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world. Apart from that you get to see the cardamom trees, how natural oils such as massage oils, hair oils and body oils are extracted, how coffee is extracted from the coffee beans, also the bark from which cinnamon is obtained, the roots of turmeric tree, the pepper plantations and familiarity with three types of pepper. At the end of the tour, you get to buy all spices fresh from the garden and return with a lot of knowledge and exclusive photographs.

Half-Day Grande Island Trip

The journey to the Grande or Grand Island by boat is a breath-takingly beautiful experience. The Hansa Beach jetty is located only a few minutes away from the Dabolim airport at Hansa Beach. The nearest railway station from the island is Madgaon Railway Station in Goa.

llha Grande Island is one of the off-beat beaches beside Goa’s more popular and frequented beautiful beaches. This is a clean and natural island in Arabian sea. Grand Island trip is a joyous and unique idea of day outing in Goa. The Boat Trip to Grande Island involves lot of fun and excitement on the way. The boat trip leads you to the deeps of Arabian sea and you can have a great chance to see dolphins playing along your boat. Snorkelling is a major exciting fun sport of the Grande island trip in Goa. Snorkelling gives the chance to explore the depths of ocean and watch the colourful marine life at close quarters. The boat trip duration is of around 45 minutes to 1 hour. Keep your camera ready at hand to capture the fun-filled dolphins in their natural habitat. The boats also offer snacks and soft drinks. The journey is safe with safety equipment provided for kids.

After you arrive at the island you shall be provided with Snorkelling kit for exploring underwater life in the shallow waters near Grande Island. The boats have experts to guide you, brief you and assist you as on how to enjoy maximum while on your snorkelling venture. This activity is safe for all age groups and can be achieved comfortably even if you do not know swimming. The expert guidance and supervision make the activity hassle-free.

Jet Skiing at Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Goa and is perfect for attempting some of the basic and most popular beach activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride and a lot more. The beach is lined with a series of beautiful palm trees. This beach also has some of the most popular hotels and resorts of Goa. This beach is ideal for a fun holiday. The calm and crystal clear waters of Majorda Beach are ideal for activities such as swimming and jet skiing. The tourists and travellers are requested to stay close to the beach and amidst shallow waters if you do not know swimming. Majorda Beach boat rides at times also include angling and barbecue food spread offered afloat on the boat and at times this includes fresh catch from the sea. The best season for exploring Majorda Beach peaks at about the end of October and continues till the end of March.

Majorda Beach offers some of the best fun water rides during you trip to Goa. This activity is perfect for if you are looking for adventure in Goa beaches. Most of the beaches offer this 15-minute Jet-skiing that provides intense thrill and excitement. You can ride alone or with a friend and skim across the gentle waves and across the shimmering coastal lagoons. If you are not comfortable or do not have expertise in swimming as a safety precaution get geared up with life jacket and go for an exciting ride. There are special life safety rings and highly trained life guards to deal with any unprecedented incidents or happenings.

Banana Ride in Goa at Mobor Beach

Mobor Beach is a picturesque beach very comfortably lies snuggling between the Assolna River Estuary and the Arabian Sea. Mobor Beach has the advantage of receiving huge waves that is suitable for excellent water adventures such as jet skiing, banana boat rides, winch-boat parasailing, speed boat rides, windsurfing, kayaking and ringo rides. Banana boat rides at exceptionally adventurous and fun-filled. It is an inflatable banana shaped boat that is pulled and powered by a speedboat. The speedboat speeds up to take the excitement to a crescendo when the banana ride cuts through the waves and zooms past the coastline. The riders clutch on to the boat and try to escape the attempts made by the boat man to topple the riders into water. It is a common scene to see the riders having a jolly experience skimming across the waves amidst sheer fun and frolic.

The banana tubes give ride up to five or six people at a time and one can have a group fun with the entire gang of friends or family. Shaped like a banana, the boat bumps up and down and remains unstable against the waves increasing the fun and excitement. The joy becomes double when the boat topples and you get a quick dip in the salty seas. A banana boat ride is easy to do and makes up a chief attraction of Goa water sports. If you are wearing a life jacket there is no reason to panic and you can gain swim back and board the banana boat and resume your ride. A banana boat ride in Goa can be attempted by interested people of all ages. This sport is popular for tourists from all far and near. It offers a lot of adrenalin rush makes the Goa trip memorable with happy fun moments.

Water Skiing at Mobor Beach, Goa

Water skiing at Mobor Beach has been earmarked for both novice enthusiasts and for professionals. You would be under the aegis of informed and expert guides to make your experience truly memorable. After you reach Mobor Beach in Cavelossim, you can immediately get started with an thrilling water skiing expedition to add more fun and frolic moments to your Goa trip. Avail immense fun as the ski is dragged through the surface of the water by the powerful boat as the ski is harnessed to the back of a powerful vehicle.

Water skiing is an intensely thrilling water sports and is extremely popular among adventure and activity loving tourists. Water Ski for professionals at Mobor Beach is a quite common activity in the calm waters of the Mobor beach front. The equipment are upgraded ones and water ski gears are modern. The systems meets the professional standards of this demanding adventure sport of Goa. So get ready to rock and roll on the gentle waves of Arabian Sea and soak your skin in its lovely salty waters. As you go for this adventure, carrying extra pair of clothes and towels and going in beach wear is recommended. Apply sunscreen, skin moisturizer and ointment to protect your skin from sun burn. Don a pair of sunglasses to look funky during the activity. This activity is not recommended if you have heart problems or back problems. Life jacket is recommended for safety and is compulsory for every ride by the rules of the operating centres. The operators are certified in water sports and CPR training and activities are completely safe and expertly handled. There are a lot of foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists opting for the various activities.

Catamaran Sailing in Goa

Goa has a vast tranquil sea to offer its visitors and beautiful sandy beaches. The best way to enjoy a vacation in Goa is to indulge in the plentiful wondrous sea activities. Catamaran sailing would be a wonderful choice to enjoy Goa vacation and its seas. Catamaran sailing in Goa is available across most of the major and popular beaches. The pleasant climate of Goa is ideal for activities such as catamaran sailing. Sailing on Hobie 16 Catamarans is an immensely delightful experience. The catamarans look lovely for their asymmetric ‘banana’ shaped hulls, designed to work without the need for dagger boards so the catamaran that could run up the beach without worry.

As you see the lovely catamarans floating across the blue seas, you start dreaming for the travellers who had travelled across seas and oceans for miles in search of new lands. The catamaran experience in association with skilled instructors ensure safety for you and also makes the experience completely enjoyable. Catamaran rides can be solo or with family and even in small groups of friends, whichever suits you. Continue to keep value adding to your experience with valuable insights about sailing of multi-hulled aircrafts. Under the guidance of qualified instructors you will learn to independently and confidently sail multi-hull, which might be a beach catamaran the Laser Dart 16. After you get rich with tips and tricks of how to manage sail boats, you might even find a new vocation to add on your profile. You will know where to go when you come to Goa next and want to repeat the amazement of catamaran ride. Learn something new in this magical ride and carry home memorable thoughts.

Ringo Ride and Jet Skiing in Goa

The best part about taking a vacation in Goa is getting to enjoy the wide range of water sports activities. Ringo Ride and Jet Skiing in Goa is a popular choice of the tourist and travellers coming to goa from various parts across the world. The laid-back experience is wonderfully relaxing. These rides are enjoyed with young and adults alike and are conducted by experts who take good care of you and your spirit of adventure. The ringo rides and jet skiing are extra bumpy for the more adventurous and thrill seeking souls and quieter and smoother for the lesser ones.

These activities can be enjoyed along with family members, in couples, or in group of friends. Also keep a camera along with you to click wonderful pictures as you enjoy your ride across the calm Arabian seas. The pictures and videos of fun rides and of the panoramic view will be the treasured memories of Goa vacation that you will enjoy forever. As you zoom through the sea surface, feel the fresh air across your face and get elated with the thrill of speed. The curves are the most exciting that comes up when the boats swerve. The ringo or the jet ski wobbles across the waves and give you the fun of a bumpy ride. The more agile you are the more you can tune your body to the bounces and enjoy the thrill. These water sports might not be available if there is a bad weather prediction or in monsoons or when the sea is rough.

Scuba Diving at Malvan Watersports

Scuba Diving at Malvan Watersports is an excellent opportunity to enjoy Goa seas. Get picked up at 7 am in the morning from the various beaches such as Calangute, Baga and Candolim Beaches. Once you reach the beach area, you are required to change into scuba swim suit. You shall be very well briefed by the trip guides and instructors about the basics of scuba diving. Once done with the briefing, gear yourselves up with the necessary equipment and take a dive into the breathlessly beautiful underworld waters of Malvan.

After a few minutes of trial on breathing under water, your instructor will guide you slowly and surely to the depths. You will feel the magic under the waters. The various very beautiful and unique sea creatures will curiously and passively meet you. You will discover the beauty and enchantment of a sea fishes, oysters, corals, snails, eels, snakes and all other delightful creatures that you can think of. It is a completely different and mysterious world that you would explore.
You would feel completely mesmerized and taken in by the unknown beauty of the undersea world. As you go deeper, the sunlight filtering in get weaken and the world against you get more enigmatic. You are not supposed to touch any creature. Your instructor ensures that you are comfortable and safe, and when the stipulated time is over, you are taken back where you have started from. The underwater photographer waits for you to pose with the creatures around you. You will feel exhilarated when you see the photographs later on and travel down the memory line elated.

Night Cruise in Goa

Looking for a relaxing overnight romantic sojourn on the rivers and seas and backwaters of Goa! Book a overnight cruise with one of the Goa houseboat operators from the popular beaches. These serenely beautiful houseboat cruises help you to connect to the nature and the local people. These cruises will take you to the various off-beat beaches and allow you to exchange notes with the humble and accommodating locals. Set your foot in the lesser known parts of Goa and get to know the real Goa.

The cruise starts from a popular beach or a centrally located famous tourist spot such as from the port near Chapora Fort near the Chapora River in Bardez. While you go around the Chapora Fort, feast your eyes at the serene ambience of the calm backwaters flanked by very pretty lush green banks and also get familiar with the old-world charm of Goa through a glimpse of the simple life that continues all along the banks of the rivers.
Some exotic views can be absorbed from the upper deck of the boats and relax with a beer in your hand or your favourite cup of coffee. Savour the taste of the mouth-watering flavours of the local cuisine spread served on boat. Watch in wonder the lazy river flowing by and watch the dolphins swimming across with the waves. The houseboats offer best-in-class facilities and has well-trained and professional staff to take care of every need, small or big. Wake up to a surreal view from the houseboat and have a sumptuous breakfast. As you approach back to the port, let your heart be won over by the picturesque village huts lying sleepily on the coast and common folks going about the usual business and the fishermen setting out to get home their catches.

Backwater Kayaking in Goa

While you are basking in the glory of vacation on the beaches, go for Backwater Kayaking along the Zuari River, Mandovi River and Sal Backwaters for the most relaxing and innovative of experiences of your life. The beautiful beaches and rivers of coastal Goa continually offers multitude of activities and varied kinds of engagements to indulge here along the calm and quiet vast ocean shores and its many exquisite beaches. There are several beaches that are extremely popular and have a plethora of tempting options of various water sports. There are day packages that help you explore Goa to your heart’s content. The day tours can arrange for an exotic catamaran ride to any of the private islands to get absorbed in adventure sports like jet skiing, yachting, snorkelling, paddle boarding, banana ride, ringo ride, bumper ride, zorbing, angling, battery boat, crab fishing, paddle boat and of course the much coveted kayaking tours in the Goa backwaters around the deep and dark mangrove forests.

A very popular spot for enjoying a refreshing kayaking excursion is at the Aguada River along the mangroves in the middle of the Aguada wetlands. The backwaters are also popular as fishing grounds apart from kayaking. As you row your way through the wetlands, you can soak in the beautiful surroundings. There are kayaking tours that operate from Panjim, at Mandrem Beach, in North Goa, backwater kayaking at Silvan Siridao in Zuari River in Old Goa and more. Try the adrenalin pumping and adventurous kayaking at Mandovi River where you can take up the Crocodile challenge. Kayak gently through the still waters and watch the Crocodiles in their natural habitat very close and personal that sets your heart racing wildly. With beaches galore, there is no want of kayaking opportunities in and around Goa. You can also enjoy a lovely sunset while during your kayaking tour in Goa and watch breathless the changing colours of the sky.

Sailing Tour De Tiswadi from Dona Paula Beach

Another fantastic beach activity that will make you fall in love with the beaches of Goa is the relaxing sailing trip. One notable and very popular sailing trip is the Sailing Tour De Tiswadi from Dona Paula Beach area to the Zuari river to Marcaim. The trip will involve going around the province of ‘Ilhas’ or the ‘Island of Goa’. The trip involves sailing up the Zuari river and then moving up the Cumbarjua River. The trip takes the guests past the Zuari bridge. This phase of the river sailing is exceptionally interesting or exciting as it involves crocodile spotting to the lucky ones. At low tides, the crocodiles are seen sunbathing on the mudflats. This phase is also very romantic as you get to cross the enigmatic mangroves at the outskirts of Zuari River and Mandovi River. The phase also offers dolphin spotting to the lucky ones.

There is a stopover at Old Goa where you can get to see the medieval churches. Then set sail off to Panaji. Steer with hoisted sail to go around the Cabo Raj Bhawan to come back to Dona Paula. This excursion takes place only on weekdays. It is of 12-hour duration. The adventure and fun begins at 7 am in the morning and lasts till evening 7 pm. The boats can accommodate up to four persons generally. The boating trips make for a pleasant family or group activity. The trips are usually not available during the weekends. Get familiar with the history of the province of Tiswadi, which is also known as ‘Ilhas’ or the ‘Island of Goa’. This island was captured by the Portuguese conquered in 1510. The boats are under the supervision of expert skipper and guide. The guests should feel completely safe by the use of life jackets. Snacks, bottled water and soft drinks are provided to the guests from time to time.

Gear yourself up with sunscreen lotions to protect yourself from getting sunburnt. Add zing to the sailing event by sporting your sunglasses, hats and wear comfortable clothes and water resistant shoes or slippers. Carry your swimming gear, you might need it. Also carry a set of extra clothes, just in case you get wet and want to change. Moreover, freeze the wonderful memories and capture some superb shots of the mesmeric settings, the wildlife, the birds, the dolphins and the crocodiles.

Goa Jungle Adventure, Canyoning

If you haven’t ever been canyoning, this is your chance to have the time of your life canyoning through the dense deep green jungles of Goa. This expedition is for first timers and also for experts. This trip includes a variety of adrenalin pumping activities for the brave hearts. Canyoning includes trekking, abseiling, cliff jumping, swimming and walking through river gorge. To set your hearts at the beat of adventure spirits attempt the brave jump off the cliff from a height into the pool.

The adventurers get bowled over at the myriad spirited activities. The trips are generally organised in small groups. And each gets equal share of fun and smile. The day trip proves absolutely fantastic for the members and those who are daring will go the extra mile to eek out lovely memories. Jumping from heights of 10 metres can be easily attempted even by kids. The tourists will feel it is money well spent as get to experience a variety of thrilling activities. The expert instructor helps in making the adventurers feel safe and eager. The activities are done with the best of equipment and ensures that the guests feel safe and confident. Abseiling or rappelling makes you go down the cliff or rock face and descend at the pace befitting to your expertise and spirit of adventure. So as you climb, wade, jump, swim, hike, scramble, walk and do a lot more, you get charged up with the exhilaration stay alert for more.

Classic Houseboat Dance

Cruising on houseboats is a glamorous affair and increasingly gaining importance in the Indian tourism sector. Tourism is one of the fastest growing sector in India and it is a dynamic and developing sector. Goa is one of the tourism hubs of India and attracts thousands of travellers and tourists from all across the world and from different parts of India. Book a scheduled houseboat cruise and watch the live entertainment shows performed by the graceful local dancers. Get up on the boat stage to shake a leg with the dancers. The DJs hosting the events create a highly charged joyful crowd and the mirthful ambience of the houseboat invite the viewers to have the time of their life dancing away to the glory of music.

The pretty boathouses make for romantic sojourns and picturesque travels across cool, calm and placid waters of the various rivers and the estuaries. The cruises allow for gastronomic entertainment in the form of delicious food spreads. Sometimes the operators have in offer private yacht charters with experts captains and experienced staff to make your activity a memorable one. You can also go for rental of motor boats to reach the backwaters of Goa and its surrounding areas. The islands such as the Bat Island, Divar Island along with the mangroves of the Mandovi and Zuari River are all superbly enchanting places to enjoy from the boat. A climb to the upper deck of boats ensure a clear and majestic views of the vast expansive water surfaces.

Goa Cruises

If you are looking for an exciting vacation in Goa and want to feast your eyes on the breath-taking vistas of the wide open sea and its lovely shores busy and serene with plentiful activities and lazy sunbathing, add another favourite activity for nature loving travellers and tourists. Get set to enjoy the famous attractions while on a cruise to the nearby islands. Feel the fresh breeze and spend memorable time just doing nothing. The idle life in idyllic settings is definitely a coveted activity suitable for all ages. The best of cruises and sailing tours in Goa are very much in demand and are booked days in advance. The cruises of Goa are one of the most sought after water activities and allows the tourists to have infinite fun moments and plenty of adventure all together in one go. Cruises can be of various different types. There can be day cruise, river cruise and evening cruise.

As Goa tourism is gaining prominence, Cruises in Goa is facing an increasing demand. Goa has become a favourite destination to experience the amazing water sports that its beaches have to offer. The cruises are designed to provide complete entertainment filled with scintillating live performances, some warm russet sunsets, some rosy reflecting waters, some precious loving moments spent with family and friends. The cultural performances during the cruises in Goa provides for a mesmerizing time spent with your family and friends. Enjoy the graceful dance of dolphins and some jovial flying fishes as you sail down the beautiful backwaters of Goa. Cruise sailing in Goa is perfect for honeymooners accompanied by a romantic cruise dinner. Catch some fun with a casino cruise that has fun-filled games. Spend some quiet moments on a cruise along the beautiful Mandovi river in Goa. Get the coveted escape from the chaos of city life with a cruise.

Trek to Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary or to the Dudhsagar Falls

Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in the South Eastern part of Goa and covers an area of more than 200 square kilometres. Netravali is also locally known as Neturli and is a significant tributary of the major river of Goa, River Zuari. Zuari River originates from the Netravali sanctuary. The sanctuary has deciduous vegetation and has some occasional evergreen and semi-evergreen trees.

Trek to Netravali Sanctuary is an exciting adventure spanning over two days and during this wonderful expedition get a chance to enjoy the diversified flora and fauna of the beautiful sanctuary. The Netravali Sanctuary is famous for having some rock faces that are ideal for rock climbing for beginners or entry-level. After enjoying the sights and sounds of the sanctuary, the trek leads to the infinite fun at Mynapee Waterfalls.

Second day of the trek is reserved for a visit to the Betul Fort that was built in the year 1679 under the orders of Shivaji Maharaj. It is located at the mouth of River Sal in Betul and the fort is identified at a site of archaeological importance even though it is nearly in absolute ruins and needs a lot of attention and restoration efforts. It is followed by a joyous trek to Nuvem complete with a visit to the Betul Beach. Nuvem is known for being a small sleepy town of Goa situated very close to Majorda Beach. The trekking expedition will include the meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. The delicious spreads do justice to your appetite after the rigorous exercise and keep your energy and excitement alive.

Flyboarding at Vagator

Flyboarding falls under the category of extreme sports. One can enjoy the thrill of flyboarding at Vagator, Goa. Flying like a bird is every human being’s dream. And if you can do it in style without the fear of falling or dropping off, then it is even more enjoyable. Flyboarding is a recent addition to adventure water activities in Goa and is rapidly gaining popularity among all ages, given you have a brave heart. Fly high above the sea waves and watch the waves rushing past you as you do the jigs mid-air. Flyboarding is a fascinating sport and immensely liked by the younger generation.

The flyboarding India that is now operation in Goa is the first of its kind have now started operating out of beautiful Chopdem Jetty of Chapora. This water activity is newest and among the most awaited water sports for adventure lovers who visit Goa in search of fun and thrill. Flyboarding price in Goa is also quite reasonable and the Goa facility has entered into a commercial relationship with India’s only flyboarding provider – Flyboard Nation. Flyboarding Goa price has attractive offers to lure enthusiasts. Anybody who is above the age of 13 can participate in this activity.

The Flyboard association provides three different exciting packages to suite your budget. Anyone who is 13 and above years of age can participate. There different flyboarding packages in Goa are as follows:

  • 10 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.2500/- with photos and videos
  • 20 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.5000/- with photos and videos
  • 30 min flyboarding Package cost Rs.7000/- with photos and videos

The Flyboarding agencies have at disposal professional teams of flyboarding experts to provide the guests with training before they actually attempt their flyboarding expedition and the team also ensures you have fun-filled flyboarding experience in Goa.

Rafting at Valpoi River

You can get the joy of Goa Rafting at Valpoi River. It brings the excitement of the ultimate adventure experience. There is no need for you to know swimming to be able to venture for this adventure activity. For this activity, things that need to be carried are sportswear, strong water resistant footwear, swimming suit, sunscreen and drinking water. Usually the guests are not allowed to carry their mobile phones, camera, wallets or jewellery. The activity might seem a bit costly to some, but at the end of the tour you will feel it is worth every penny. But set your expectations high, river rafting is Goa is bound to be very thrilling and the real adventure lovers will have a time of their life. The professional coach and trainer will brief you about the techniques of rafting and will set all equipment for the trip. The wilderness and the amazingly thrilling rapids will make the experience memorable.

The boat at time gets uplifted by the water currents and waves and then tumble down from a height extending the thrill of the sport. The spectacular jungle scenery or the dreamy coastal lines are all treat of eyes. The Mhadei River near Valpoi is the rafting course. After a short walk down the river valley, you reach the banks form where the trip starts. There happens a bit of crucial information exchange and some safety tips. And then you board the raft and go for the excitement. At the completion point, there would be vans waiting to bring the guests back to the starting point.

Trek or Jeep Safari to the Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls, as the name implies, is a massive fall foaming and frothing white cascading down into the thunderous fall from a great height. The waterfall is really magnificent and worth the trek. The trek used to go along the railway tracks and was full of adventure and thrill and abounds in sheer delightful natural beauty. Unfortunately, however, due to the recent ban imposed by the Indian Railways, the Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek is designated to remain ‘offbound’ for one year or so. Right now the Dudhsagar Waterfalls is accessible by jeep services that can be obtained from the entrance point of Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. These jeep safaris are operated by local travel agencies.

The Dudhsagar Falls is located at the Goa-Karnataka border. It had always been one of the most popular tourist attraction for people visiting Goa. The falls has been featured so many times in various promotional photographs and movies and has been in the must-see list of tourists. Earlier, when the trek over the railway track was allowed, the trekkers could easily reach the middle tier of the Dudhsagar waterfalls. The trek route crosses through dense green forests and goes through numerous tunnels. The trek would be uphill and from a point called Kulem, you need to still climb up till the Braganza Ghat and after crossing several tunnels you reach the phantasmagorical Dudhsagar waterfalls. The distance from Kulem to the Dudhsagar waterfalls involves approximately a trek length of 11 kilometres. The first glimpse of the waterfalls that you lay your eyes upon and from a distance across the valley. The Dudhsagar waterfalls, seen from any angle has a hypnotic effect.

Deep Sea Fishing Goa

If you are done with the attractions of beaches and have had your full quota of fun and magic with all the activities offered at the beaches, it is time to leave the beaches behind and head out for a fulfilling deep sea adventure trip. You will learn the tips and tricks of deep sea fishing and also learn how to cast hooks and reel in the fish. Imagine all of it from the luxury yacht. Add grandeur to a dash of style and have a leisurely yachting excursion in search of big game fishing. Have the time of your life swimming in the sultry backwaters of tranquil Goa. The deep sea fishing expeditions are controlled and conducted by skilled captain and crew for a hassle-free experience that awaits your dear ones.

Deep Sea fishing bring the catches that are really exciting and big in size. These fishing expeditions are designed to reach out to the fishes that resides in the depths of ocean below the sunlit surfaces or photic zone of ocean waters. Since you would be under the sun for hours waiting for your prized catch to take the bait, be prepared with your sunblock, hats, comfortable clothing, swimming gears, change of clothes and comfortable foot wear. In case you feel impatient waiting and fishing, you can even take a plunge into the waters for a refreshing swim. Once you bag your catch for the day, you can get the fish grilled or barbecued to have a feast onboard. Overall, deep sea fishing is a happening activity and enjoyable.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Assolda Ground, Goa

Another very entertaining and adventurous air activity in Goa is the hot air balloon flight in Assolda Ground. After you have explored the beach fun and activities of the coastal Goa, try out the new and innovative means of amazing activities. Hot Air Ballooning adventure in South Goa is an attractive option to opt for in a family vacation to Goa.

Hot Air Balloon rides can be immensely fun when you are at exotic destinations and having one in India is quite thrilling! This fun idea has gained prominence after it has been initialized. Through some good investment and general interest and curiosity of people, currently the hot air balloon rides in Goa operate in compete safety and offers some amazing sceneries. The bird eye view of the wide blue seas and the greenery of Goa is breath-takingly beautiful. So, get ready to experience the best and most amazing ride of your life.

After you reach the locality of the balloon flight, watch the balloons being inflated with the help of motorized fans. As the propane burners pump in hot air, the balloons are ready in half an hour or so. Climb up in a hand-crafted basket with your expert flyer or your pilot and get ready to explore the variety of altitudes. A hot air balloon adventure can take you up to about 900 feet in the air for a majestic aerial view of Goa and its surrounding areas. The ground crew continuously follows the air flight, crossing various roads and meadows to ensure a safe landing. The flight adventure usually happens early in the day in the morning hours.

ATV Biking in Goa

All Terrain Vehicle or ATV biking or Quad Biking as it is called is an extremely adventurous outdoor activity and a very popular sport in Goa. It is an exceptionally thrilling activity, where you get to ride an extremely powerful bike over all kinds of terrains. The bikes are designed to cut through mud and slush, rocks and loose pebbles, sand and undulating rugged paths. The bumpy rides across challenging tracks provide a lot of fun and entertainment. Quad biking in Goa helps you experience the joy of riding.

Quad biking can be attempted by all who dare. You need not be a professional or an expert. Just before you begin your track, you would be given a small bit of test run. Ride like a king winning over the Goan terrains and soak in the vibes and splendours of the countryside. Ride over the rugged, steep or gentle slopes, forests and jungles with plenty of undergrowth or the muddy watery trails with furious energy. The powerful bike and the profound purring sound of the engine thrills the bikers. Take pictures, pose and enjoy the roaring of the engines, all you need to do is hold on to the bike, steer it carefully and press the accelerator or brake to control the ride.

The minimum eligibility criteria to own and ride these vehicle for a few hours of adventure time is that one needs to be above 14 years of age and should not have any medical ailments. Thus apart from being a superb beach location with plenty of beach activities to indulge in, Goa is also an ideal vacation destination to try some extreme and adventurous activities as well as some relaxing amusements. Experience the diverse thrill that Goa has in store for you and make the best of an enthralling holiday experience.

Camping in Goa

Camping in the wilderness amidst natural beauty is an activity that helps you to renew your connection with the roots and nature. Camping in Goa has its own share of fun, relaxation, joy and excitement. One of the best camping sites in Goa can be reckoned as the southern side of Palolem Beach. The camping site has quaint thatched, bamboo and wooden huts that are simple and rustic. Yet the camps are provided with almost all modern amenities like private toilets. The camps have special natural charm. The serenity and beauty of the soothing soft sands, the smell of the sea in the fresh air, the song of the waves and the melody of the chirping birds. The camps are not that expensive and offer blissful accommodations at reasonable rates and pocket-friendly costs while on a vacation in Goa.

By staying at these camp sites, you can take part in almost all water sports that happen around these beaches. The meal options are varied and plentiful. Live each moment and enjoy your connection with sea, salt, sun and sand. In the daytime, indulge in various options of a wide variety of activities and during the night, relax gazing at the stars and listening to the music of the incessant waves. Dance and sing around a lively bonfire if the weather is cold or simply spent some time doing nothing. Whatever you do, you would have a hundred reasons to cherish your camping experience in Goa.