Colva Beach

Colva beach is located 6 kilometres away from Margao and occupies a primary position among the most striking beaches of South Goa. Colva Beach has soothing powdery white sand and the beach line has a strikingly beautiful rapturous beauty on account of the long lines of coconut palms running along the coastline of south Goa. The Colva beach is exceptionally enthralling on account of a wondrous stream flowing through it. The beach showcases villas constructed in the former Portuguese colonial style and also possesses some broken down fishing huts. It has also got a long line of hotels and resorts along with some souvenir stalls and snack bars to enjoy carefree binging on food and drinks.

The beach always breathes heavy with the merry-making tourist crowd rampaging in brightly coloured clothes or dotting the shore line in their swim wear trying to soak in as much of the sunlight as possible. The bright sunlit days with blue open seas give way to dark starlit nights and silent sound of the sea and wind. Colva Beach is very popular and suitably romantic for honeymoon couples. Catch up with a glass of chilled beer and a delicious platter of sea food.