Goa Jungle Adventure at Palolem

Goa Jungle adventure, as the name itself suggests, is an extremely excitement trip through the jungles, which is conducted by the experienced French guide Manu. The adventure is an exhilarating journey through the jungles of the foothills of the Western Ghats. The Netravali area of Western Ghats set an ideal location for a thrilling trekking and canyoning trip. You get to climb the steep walls, jump across crevices and abseil into secluded watery plunge pools. The trip teaches you the ways of the jungle, including jungle survival and sea-cliff jumping. There are various durations of the adventure trips that you can avail. It can be a mere half-day for the beginners to several days for the ace trekkers.

Goa Jungle Adventure is privately owned Indian company that was given shape in 2003 by two French guides. The founders capitalised on their in-depth knowledge of the Indian jungles and pushed the idea of explorations to trigger the passion of being adventurers conquering the wild jungle areas. Canyoning through natural aqua-land, in the heart of the mountain jungles, across natural gorges and serene pools as you jump or slide is an ultimate thrill. Attempt the challenging feats across the vertical canyons and abseil down gushing waterfalls. There is a minimum level of physical fitness required for canyoning and you should know how to swim.